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Reasons Why You Should Get Dressed Every Day (WFH)

reason why you should get dressed wfh

Working from home in pajamas sounds fun, like a dream come true, but how does that affect our productivity? Now that working from home is the new normal, that only means that many people are starting to establish a working from home routine. There are reasons why you should get dressed every day (WFH) even if you are working from home.

Let’s face it when working from home is now part of our daily routine, a concept that we never thought possible. We became excited, the idea of spending our working days on the couch, watching tv, snacking, and drinking our choice of beverage whenever we feel like it, sounds pretty amazing! And in our pajamas, all day long is indeed a luxury.

It’s easy to forget to make ourselves look presentable when we aren’t going anywhere, right? But if we get ready every day, it prepares us for anything. 

Why should you? Why should I get ready every single day? Here are the reasons why you should get dressed every day (wfh).

Getting Dressed to be More Productive

Getting dressed is the perfect way to get your day going like a Boeing. If you want to cross out all your to-do list for the day, stay focused, and get things done, then start your day by looking your best. Create a routine and system that works well with you. Getting dressed will jump-start your productivity and get you moving all throughout the day

get dressed to be more productive

Getting Dressed for your mood

Getting dressed every day helps you feel you’ve got something going on and will really help boost your mood. There are days when we don’t want to get out of bed, but we must stay motivated. Freshen-up and get ready for the day like you’re going out somewhere. That will automatically boost your mood and make you feel better! Try switching up your look, based on your mood, it will help you dress for success.

get dressed for you mood

Getting dressed builds your self-confidence

Staying in your pajamas all day long won’t help with your self-confidence. So, get up, dress-up, and face the new day with enthusiasm. I always believe in looking good and feeling good. It is my daily mantra to stay proactive. So, fix your hair, put a little lipstick on, and embrace the day with open arms!

getting dressed builds confidence

Getting Dressed will Prepare you for whatever comes your way

Don’t let time pass you by, align yourself with the world around you even when you are working from home. Getting dressed every day will keep you ready for whatever comes unexpectedly. Keep your spontaneity going!

reasons why you should get dressed every day wfh

Keeping a routine going when we work from home is crucial for our wellbeing and our mental health. It helps us to stay focused and motivated. So, feeling comfortable and combining fashion and function is our best bet for being productive. I usually opt for stretchable fabric pieces for comfort and style. You can start looking for pieces in your closet that will be your favorite work from home outfits that won’t compromise your ease. 

One of the simplest and effortless parts of the routine is to make sure you change out of your pajamas and into your preferred clothes for working. Change clothes with a change of mindset. So, we need to rethink what drives us to get ready for the day and make it a habit. No matter what! 

What are your thoughts about getting dressed every day (even when you are working from home)? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to know! 


reasons why you should get dressed every day wfh
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