how to find your life purpose

Discovering your life purpose isn’t something you can find overnight. It’s a lifelong journey to discovery, and it is possible, attainable, one step at a time. While people usually think that having it all; a loving family, a successful career, a manicured looking lifestyle, is an ensemble of a perfect life. However, deep within, something is missing somehow. That something that you long for intensely is your purpose in life. When you find your life purpose it becomes a journey to a happier, exceptional, and healthier life. 

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dream of meeting your heart’s longing. – ORIAH

Who doesn’t want that, right? 

To be able to take on this journey, it takes a lot of self-reflection, courage, listening to your inner core, listening to others, and finding where your passion lies. The path to finding your purpose may have a lot of curves, and you may encounter a lot of hiccups along the way, and change may be inevitable. Don’t get discouraged, but rather, you can always shift your sails, change your direction, but never give up

Always remember that you have something deep inside of you that’s waiting to be discovered. You have a special gift that you need to uncover and share with the world. 

So, if you feel stuck and you think you can’t figure it out, think again! You don’t have to look far for the answer. However, the answer is waiting inside you, and you have to know how to pull it out. 

Here’s how to finally find your life purpose:

Learn to pop your personal bubble

In your bubble, your world is small and only revolves around you. Most of the time, your only concern is yourself, your wellbeing, your wants, your pleasures in life, and how you can succeed. 

If you learn to pop this bubble, you’ll be less self-centered, and realize that the horizon is broad. The moment you get out of your trap, your life will change. You can start your journey to finding your sense of purpose and become more aware of others, their feelings, and needs.

learn to pop your personal bubble

Disown your fears

Fear holds us back from achieving our goals and reaching our optimum potential. So, don’t let fear rule your life! If you want to move forward and find your purpose in life, do not allow fear to dictate what you can and cannot do. 

Life is full of surprises, some are good, and some are bad. The process of finding your sense of purpose might be frightening, but the beauty of it lies in the unknown. 

disown your fears


Reading is an excellent way to tap into your sense of purpose. It helps you connect with people from beyond time and space. Reading helps with empathy, allowing yourself to be kind and considerate of other people’s feelings. 

Read books that inspire you, and the ones that matter to you, it might help you find your life purpose.

Tip: If reading can help you find your purpose, so can writing!


Find Your Life Purpose: Discover what you love to do

Do you know what you truly love to do? Tap into your skills, hobbies, talents, and passion. Some people believe that there’s this ONE thing that we aspire to do in our life. Isn’t it a struggle to only settle for that one thing? 

So, do not limit yourself, explore what your heart loves. Do not hinder your sense of purpose with only one thing. Fulfilling your life purpose is tapping into all your passion, your greatness. 

discover what you love

Get more action

We can only begin to live a life of purpose when we take action. If where we are now is not where we want to be, then, do something! Take mindful steps, focus on your goal, and be consistent. 

Improving yourself will allow you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The experience is the best reward, delve into what sets your soul on fire. 

get more action

Without a life purpose, you feel like your life is running in circles. Not having your real purpose in life, your reason to live, is like watching time pass you by. The real purpose of your life is to live fully, to be present in the journey we call life, and to embrace it with all your heart

When you live a life of purpose, happiness downpours your heart and soul. Inspiration comes naturally, allowing you to tap more into your passion and sharing it with the world, making a difference not just for yourself but for the people around you. 

P.S. Enjoy every bit of it!

how to find your life purpose
Mae Loureto
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50 thoughts on “How to Find Your Life Purpose

  1. I’ve never heard of popping your personal bubble before. It’s definitely good to look beyond ourselves. I just try to love God and love others everyday. Thanks for your tips.

  2. Thank you for this! I definitely needed to see this. I’m on a path to finding my life’s purpose right now. After working so many years in the corporate world, I feel like now is the time before I get too old to figure out what makes me happy and actually do what I want to do for the rest of my life. Thanks for sharing – Josie xxx

  3. This is such a great post! I especially love the idea of discovering your own fears! That’s something that really hard to do and face, but ultimately super important!

  4. Some wonderful insight. I think it’s sometimes difficult to realize we limit ourselves mostly out of fear. We stay within our own comfort zone and hold ourselves back. Thank you for some good points to think about. There’s so much exploring we need to enjoy.

  5. I love this – especially the reading part! As someone who forgot what my purpose was for about 10 years, I definitely agree that knowing what we’re meant to do during our lives makes a huge impact on what we do everyday!

  6. Fear has been the biggest reason for not discovering my life purpose. Only recently have I been able to step out and find that purpose and enjoy it.

  7. This is so great! I have books I need to read so reading is definitely something I need to do more of!

  8. I’ve been working SO hard to find my lifes purpose! And I think I have JUST found it!

  9. Beautiful tips. It takes time to discover your life purpose and lots of experimenting. You included most of the tips in this post.

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  11. These are great tips to remember for finding your life’s purpose! Took me a while but I did! 🙂

  12. So true! I am working on a blog post about this topic myself and will make sure to cite you. Very well written and truly inspiring! ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

  13. Disowning your fears is so important to finding your life’s purpose! It shouldn’t make you feel upset or unhappy, but rather, a little bit uncomfortable as you set new boundaries for yourself and test the waters on what could be an exciting new thing that you love.

  14. This blog post is truly very helpful and most informative one..glad you shared this with us..great work though..found it so useful…

  15. It is very difficult to find your life purpose. You must be very self aware and understand the world around you. But how much healthier we are when we find it and live accordingly!

  16. That is a great post! i do need to work on it more, I am an adult but I am still not sure what I live for

  17. Until some months I knew what I want and what I am living for…. But now I have doubts. I guess I again have to start from the first I guess!

  18. Finding purpose in life requires a lot of soul searching! It cant be achieved with a distracted mind! In my opinion, COVID lockdown offers us the slow pace of sitting back and reflecting upon life! I will follow the points mentioned by you to use my time constructively !

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