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10 Ways to Boost Your Mood

ways to bust a bad mood

Most of us have those days when we’re feeling down, and nothing sounds fun. Now and then, we all feel sad over nothing in particular. And sometimes, we are stuck for some meaningful inspiration, and when we can’t find it, we experience a low-point in life. However, there are several ways you can help yourself to boost your mood and get out of the blues. 

Happiness feels good, and you need to look for ways to bypass life’s stressors. The good thing is, you don’t have to make massive changes, a small, meaningful one can surely make the difference. 

If we are in a good mood when we get up in the morning, if there is a warm-hearted feeling within, automatically our inner door is opened for that day. – Dalai Lama

While your mood starts to lift, you’ll then realize that you need to fuse it bit by bit into your routine, so you can bust a bad mood with no effort. 

I’ve got some blues busters to jumpstart and kick that dreary mood to the curb and learn to boost your mood:

Fight off negative thoughts.

Try to make a list of all the positive things about you. Focus on all your strengths, and do not dwell on the mistakes that beat you up and leave feeling bad about yourself. 

fight off negative thoughts

Spend more time with compassionate family and friends.

Talking to others about your feelings helps you process them and puts you in a better perspective. Having intentional conversations with people who honestly care is crucial for your wellbeing as a whole. So, don’t be afraid to tell them that you need their time and understanding because spending time with them will automatically lift your mood.

spend time with family and friends

Boost Your Mood by Do more of the things you love.

Simply re-reading your favorite book will take your mind off your current lousy mood. Or you can go shopping, an automatic mood booster! You can always revisit the things you love and change your state of mind instantly. So, do something and stop sulking, do anything that snaps you out of your negative thoughts. 

do more of the things you love

Take a step back, and self reflect.

Try to take a step back and give yourself time for self-reflection. With time to yourself, it helps you assess your ways, ask yourself what’s important to you. It’s time to understand the root cause of your feelings, your weakness, your strength, and your motivation. 


Get out of the house.

Spending time outside can help you balance your energy. Feel the crisp air, the beautiful sunshine, the sights, the sound, the scent of nature are natural mood boosters.

get out of the house

Do something spontaneous.

Letting go of routine and doing something exhilarating, exciting, refreshing, and unexpected will make you feel alive. Spontaneous people make the best out of every situation. A mindset that allows you to see the bright side of life. 

do something spontaneous

Boost your Mood by Hugging someone.

Hugging someone is the easiest way to lighten up a dull mood. It’s the best way to express love and care to someone without having to say a word. A simple warm hug is reassuring, comforting, and very calming.

hug someone


Why not take a mental break and let your mind wander to somewhere beautiful? It is a relaxing thing to do sometimes, daydream of something you’d like to do or achieve.


Boost Your Mood by Listening to music.

Music can heal. It is an emotional connection that takes us out of the blues and makes you feel less alone. It lifts our spirits and takes us on a mental journey of happiness. 

listen to music

Look through old photographs.

Looking at old photos is very relaxing, a way of sorting out old memories. Reminiscing the good-old-days will always put a smile on your face. I’ve been carrying around old photographs wherever life may take me. It’s a part of my journey, and it will always remind me of people and places that are a significant part of my life. 

Everybody is different, and we have different ways of dealing with our emotions. We may feel like we got stuck in a rut, or we are just unsatisfied with things, and this whole thing feels like the world has collapsed on top of us. Yes, we all have those days, downhill all the way!

But there are also hacks on how to bust a bad mood, and it’s vital to find ways that resonate well with you. Don’t let bad days put a damper in your life, like they always say, “It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.” 

So, do what you can to uplift your spirit! Life is too short to waste your time being sad and somber. 

P.S. Don’t take yourself too seriously because a little silliness can help you boost your ugly mood! 

simple ideas to boost your mood
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