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Girlfriend Collective: Minimalist, Luxurious, and Eco-friendly Activewear

girldfriend collective

Girlfriend Collective has created beautiful, exquisite activewear that’s both sustainable and functional.

The brand is size inclusive and body-positive with all shapes, sizes, and ages. The size range runs from XXS-6XL in leggings and XS-3XL in bras.

“Good things come to those who don’t waste.” – Girlfriend Collective

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The luxurious, high end fit and feel means athletic empowerment for all!

Why girlfriend collective?

Sustainability has become popular in the fashion industry, and Girlfriend Collective has done that. Using ethical manufacturing and sustainable materials to produce high-quality fabrics at an accessible price.


Girlfriend Collective collection is made from recycled plastic bottles with a precise process that takes time. They make their fabrics using single-use water bottles and discarded fishing nets cleaned from the seas. The knitting machine takes 24 hours to produce enough material for 100 pairs of leggings

Girlfriend collective’s activewear line has the luxurious and the highest quality, it also guarantees that no environmental or social damage in its production

They also have a recycling program for your old Girlfriend garments so they can be re-made into new pieces. The brand donates its dye mud to pavement facilities, where it’s made into sidewalks and roads! 

Yes, Girlfriend Collective is that cool! 

Girlfriend collective is well known for its minimalist, elegant, and timeless activewear. They are well-known for their simple capsule collection of activewear in pretty colors and can easily be mixed and matched! 

The brand’s range will have you feeling confident and supported whether you are doing yoga, pilates, or even strength training. 

For each pair of leggings, 25 plastic bottles are recycled, and for each bra, 11 bottles are recycled! Each pair of LITE leggings removes 1 kg of waste from the ocean.

P.S. You got to agree that “old water bottles and fishing nets look better on you than they do clogging landfills and polluting oceans.”

girlfriend collective
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