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How to Fall Truly, Madly, and Deeply In Love with Yourself

truly, madly, deeply, in love with yourself

We fall in love with people, places, things, and even art. There’s no incorrect way to love but, when you fall in love with yourself, you gain a deep affection, awareness, and appreciation of your worth and potential as an individual. Falling in love with yourself is learning to accept yourself for who you are

We must fall in love with ourselves. I don’t like myself. I’m crazy about myself. – Mae West

falling in love with yourself

So many dreamed of falling in love at a young age, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with loving, and it surely does not make you selfish, to dream of loving someone, and to be loved in return. However, it’s also significant that we must not get wind up in the thought of loving someone that we forget to love ourselves, first and foremost.

When you love yourself, you will reap more love in return. Why? Because you cannot give what you do not have. You need to cultivate love within you, and it will exude so much encouragement, joy, and tenacity that you’ll live a passionate life.

So, do not see yourself as someone plain because someone out there sees you differently. Spend time with yourself, know yourself, every bit of you. Learn to appreciate and acknowledge yourself the same way you show appreciation and affection to your loved ones. 

There’s a lot of attention given to romantic love that some would consider finding the right person to make them whole. Again, someone else can’t fill the void that is YOU. Only you can make you whole. 

only you can make you feel whole

When you fall in love with yourself, it influences everything around you. It is not arrogant, nor vain, and never the narcissistic way, but rather it is the type of love that you cherish and maintains with deep self-respect. 

Embracing yourself as a whole, your flaws, your quirks, your birthmarks, and your freckles, because they make you who you are, your unique self. So, try to give some time and attention to the most influential person in your life, you

How does one fall in love with oneself? Here are 5 ways to fall truly, madly, and deeply in love with yourself:

1. Surrender

To effectively fall in love with yourself, you need to abandon the desire to be someone else. Accepting yourself for who you are and not the person you always wish you could be is the first step to self-love. 

Do not covet other people’s traits because you are your unique individual. No one can be like you! Fall in love with your imperfections, I know sometimes it seems unfair but, falling in love with yourself is a journey you have to go through. There are no shortcuts.


2. Work on your self-trust

To fully love yourself is to know that you can trust yourself before someone else. Let yourself be that first person you can rely on when difficult situations arise and always trust your judgment. 

There’s no better feeling than knowing that you have your back. So, stop selling yourself short because falling in love with yourself is betting on yourself that you can follow through what you promised yourself. 


3. Falling in love with yourself means to Self-Discovery

Discover yourself through journaling. It will help you to listen more to your inner thoughts, so, stop, and listen more to what you have to say. Journaling is the secret to self-discovery because it allows you to have a glimpse of your consciousness. 

Your journal is a tool that reveals all your dreams, fears, worries, wishes, and thoughts that you never thought existed. It is a tool for you to get to know yourself better, how beautifully complicated you are, and that you are uniquely beautiful just as you are.


4. Re-envision your flaws

Love your flaws because they make you whole, and without it, you won’t be the unique person that you are. Do not think or consider your flaws as your weakness but learn to admire them and make them your strength. 
Try to pick a feature that you think is a flaw or a weakness and look at it at a different angle, from a different perspective, through a different lens, the one that amplifies positivity, and you’ll see yourself differently.

  • People might think you’re an odd person because you are shy or usually quiet, and that might make you think that’s a weakness or a flaw, but the best listeners are always the quiet ones. Let your flaws be a diamond glittering in the sun!

re-envision your flaws

5. Have fun

In everything that you do, do not forget to have fun! Try to build joyful habits and always do things that you enjoy and love. Take the time to enjoy life because life is what we make it. We may be here now and gone tomorrow, so don’t take things for granted and do not live to regret all the things you fail to do
Play on your favorite music and dance, or sing your lungs out, read a good book, travel, splurge a little, treat yourself because you deserve it. It’s crucial to give yourself a chance to get out of your head and be spontaneous. Life is short, live it!

have fun

Falling in love with yourself means indulging in some serious self-care. However, falling in love with yourself has a much deeper meaning, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. You’ll be more attuned to your needs and how to meet them, and you’ll learn how to acknowledge your self-worth and value each passing day. 

Falling in love with yourself doesn’t mean spending your time alone all the time, it’s about discovering the determination and confidence inside to love every single piece of you. So, live your best life by falling truly, madly, and deeply in love with yourself.

P.S. Be the person you wouldn’t want to switch places with anyone ever! You are special, you are unique! So, go and start loving yourself unconditionally!

how to fall truly, madly, and deeply in love with yourself
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