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Date Yourself : A Journey Into The Heart of Self-Love

date yourself

Dating yourself will teach you to appreciate and savor your alone time. It allows you to be independent and happy with or without a partner. Alone time doesn’t mean a lonely time, but it is the time to get reacquainted with yourself; to get to know yourself better, to enjoy your own company, to treat yourself because being intimate with yourself is extraordinarily exceptional. By all means, date yourself, a journey into the heart of self-love will teach you how to love and care for your mind, body, and soul.

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“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”. – Buddha

Give yourself a break. A break from hopping from one relationship to the next, you don’t need to be with someone to feel complete because the missing piece you have been searching for is YOU

So, instead of dating the wrong person, date yourself not because no one else wants to but because you need to! It will help you understand who you are, get to know your thoughts, and get in touch with your intuition.

Do you know that dating yourself is imperative because how can you love someone if you can’t love yourself? And it is a chance for you to do all the things that you love without time constraint! Solo dates can be so much fun and relaxing, and it is the best thing you can do for yourself because you will learn not to depend on others for happiness

Dating yourself is investing time on the journey of truly doing what you love and what brings you joy. It strengthens your bond to yourself; happiness is indeed an inside job! Solitude helps you to discover who you are and allows you to look within, therefore creating a healthy relationship with the most influential person in your life, YOU.

So, dig in a little deeper and take yourself out on a date. Be with yourself, show yourself love, and get to know the person who has your best interest at heart

Have you ever wonder how to date yourself? 

Here are great tips to Date Yourself: A journey into the heart of self-love.

Get to know yourself

Just like in any relationship, you need to get to know the person to be able to learn something more deeply; your goals, values, beliefs, likes, dislikes, and passion. However, try to be more curious when dating yourself because this will reveal your deepest feelings and thoughts, so pay attention. Make this an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and everything that made you who you are, and you will be amazed by the new things you can discover, knowing yourself inside out.

get to know yourself

Date Yourself: A Journey into the Heart of Self-Love: Respect yourself

In any relationship, one of the foundations is respect, and for it to work, you need to show a mutual level of respect. So, learn how to respect yourself, speak kindly to yourself, listen to your emotions, and know that you don’t need other people’s approval. Never slack on self-care, treat yourself with kindness and care, and do not let anyone walk all over you or speak negatively about you.

respect yourself

Tidy up your space

Take care of the space you live in because it will allow you to experience and encounter your true self. You will be stunned by how it can help transform how you feel after organizing and tidying up some clutter. You feel lighter, calmer, in the flow, and loving your space.

tidy up your space


Exploring the world on a solo adventure can help change your life. A solo getaway is beneficial for your relationship with yourself because you won’t be able to rely on anyone else but you. It is your time to relax, treat yourself, and navigate your place in the world. Traveling has the power to change you, how you view yourself, and the world around you. Pure magic! 

getaway and date yourself

Spend time in nature

And if traveling is not possible, then get out and spend time in nature. Take yourself out for a walk or a hike because it will help you clear your mind and put your thoughts into perspective. Spending time in nature has an extraordinary impact on your well-being; it puts you in touch with who you are and will always boost your mood. The colorful sky, the greenery, fresh air, lush leaves, and the ocean breeze; it is so soothing for your mind, body, and soul.

spend time in nature

Dress your best

Just like on any other dates you go to, you show up and dress up. I still believe in “looking good and feeling good” So, put a little or more effort and wear your best outfit, do your hair, and spray a little perfume. It is remarkable how looking good can boost your confidence and automatically make you feel so much better about yourself. Self-care will always be the best care you can do for you.

dress your best
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dress your best always
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look good feel good
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Date Yourself: Kiss yourself goodnight

Okay, this is not just sealing the date with a kiss like on any other date. Kissing yourself goodnight is establishing a nightly routine to focus more on self-love. Take some time before going to bed that focuses solely on you, something that will soothe you after a full day of activities (work or play); a good cup of tea, journaling, listening to music, or reading a book are some of my favorite downtimes. There’s no better feeling than going to bed at night and feeling everything is falling into place.

kiss yourself goodnight

Happiness doesn’t have to depend on anyone nor anything; all you have to do is give the level of commitment to loving yourself, knowing yourself better, believing in yourself, and reminding yourself of how amazing you are.

So, whether if you are in a relationship with someone else or not, always date yourself. Find time to be with yourself and go all in; above and beyond. Dating yourself might be the best remedy you can give yourself in this chaotic world! 

P.S. Give yourself the love, affection, and loyalty because you deserve this lifelong relationship.


date yourself is a journey to the heart of self-love

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