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How to Slow Down and Savor Life

How to slow down and savor life

We live in a fast pace world, and every day is a go-go with the flow that sometimes it seems that life is just passing us by without even realizing it. We like to go fast, but the question is, how do you enjoy life when you are moving too fast?  Life is a rush, or so we thought it is, that we don’t even know when we are missing out and what we are missing out on in life. But when you are not capable of staying in the race of the swift life, then try to slow down and savor life and all its beauty. 

“I fall in love every day. With new songs, dogs, scents, pieces of art, illusions, five-minute conversations, a sunset in my rearview mirror, a story. A written note. A daydream. What a pleasure it is. To know gravity.” – Victoria Erickson.

Time is of the essence, and it is precious and valued significantly. However, as we get older and when we are aware that time might run out, then slowing down and savoring life’s precious moments may make your time more worthwhile

There’s magic in seizing slow moments. 

It is substantial to take a pause when you feel like you are in a hurry or when you are feeling overwhelmed because the essence of slowing down is understanding; where, when, why, and who we spend our time and if it is worth it. 

You can learn to stop starting your day in a rush, with one mindful step at a time.

Here are 6 ways to slow down and to savor life:

1. Breathe

There’s no better way than to start your day by breathing in deeply and by focusing on each breath and feeling the air coming into your body. It is a way of celebrating a new day. Slow breathing calms you down and makes you feel good.

breathe to slow down and savor life

2. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude can help you slow down and increase your appreciation for life. When you practice gratitude daily, it will help you detach from all the toxicity and negative emotions, therefore shifting your mindset in a positive direction. Choosing the path that is kind and right will inspire love into your life. Savoring life and being grateful for all things, big or small. 

Practicing gratitude can help you to slow down and savor life

3. Be present

In a world that’s always busy and juggling too many things at the same time, you need to be mindful of the things you are doing at the moment. And with mindfulness, you need to bring yourself back to the here and now, gently and slowly. Living in the moment will allow you to untangle your mind and be present on what’s going on around you. Savor life by being fully present and appreciate every little thing.

Being present can help you to slow down and savor life

4. Slow Down and Savor Life: Unplug

Disconnecting yourself from your devices will allow you to focus more on other things. Slowing down can be difficult if you are at the mercy of demands and requests while being connected all the time. Unplugging will help you connect with yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually, a quiet time for yourself to refresh and recharge.

unplugging yourself can help you to slow down and savor life

5. Eat slower and savor your tea or coffee

Take the time to notice and appreciate small and thoughtful moments. Learn to eat slowly and enjoy every bite than just shoving up food down our throats. Be mindful and savor every flavor of your tea or coffee. Try to admire the taste, the smell, and the aroma. It’s a good life!

Eating slow and savoring your drink can help you to slow down and savor life

6. Spend time with the people you love

It is a fantastic way to embrace slowing down by spending time with the people you love. Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life and spend quality time connecting with the people that matter the most. On the whole, it is our actions and not just our words that speak what our hearts truly feel.

Spending time with people you love can help you to slow down and savor life
My beautiful chaos! Life’s precious moments.

When you slow down at the right moments to reconnect and revitalize with yourself, you’ll learn to live, walk, and run easy. Slowness compels you to experience the world around you and connects you to a more peaceful and calmer path. 

When you purposely slow down, then you become mindful of your days, allowing you to have profound, meaningful, and deep-rooted relationships. Let time stretch and unfold around your needs because a slow-paced life means making time to enjoy and savor life’s priceless moments

Never get caught up in the rush since slow things have more value because they take more time that can lead to a greater appreciation for life and happiness. So, stop and smell the flowers, feel the wind blowing on your face, enjoy the serenity of the water, and watch the beautiful sunrise and sunsets. That level of connection will involve slowness; heart time is the best time

P.S. Try to go slow, as slow as you can until you can savor life’s magic. 


How to slow down and savor life

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