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10 Advent Questions About Traveling

10 advent questions about traveling

There are cities and countries that we want to visit or would desire to move to, and sometimes it can be a dream, but sometimes it can also be a reality. And if one day, you will get the chance to do what your heart desires, where will it be? What will you do? I thought of those questions a million times, so I went to dive into these 10 Advent questions about traveling and would love to share them with you.

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream. Discover. – Mark Twain

Advent Questions About Traveling:

Where is your favorite spot in the world? Not a city or country, spot. 

My favorite and most cherished spot in the world is on the beach. A tropical paradise where solace lies. A magical place where I can hear and feel my thoughts while watching the ocean hit the shore and feeling the salty wind on my face. Where euphoria exudes, then nothing else matters. A thalassophile always, and forever!

beach travel

Okay, let’s do your favorite country and city as well?

Countries? Cities? I have a few. But, if I have to pick one, my most favorite country is  Spain, and the city is Barcelona. Why? Because I fell in love with it even before I got there. Not a love at first sight kind of thing, but rather it is more of a feeling. The culture, food, the vibrant and gothic charm speaks volume.

10 advent questions about traveling

travel to barcelona

travel to spain

If you could move to a city, which one would it be? Permanent?

Lisbon is the closest to my heart. It feels like home. Why? The buzzing city is just minutes away from the beautiful beaches. Again, I’m in love with places with beautiful beaches and mild winter. Permanent? We shall see! There’s nothing permanent in life. We go with the flow!

beautiful lisbon

travel to Lisbon Portugal

10 advent questions about traveling

Once you have moved there, what do you do for work?

Let’s say I will cross the bridge when I get there. Freelance work from home, possible! However, when opportunities arise then, who am I to turn them down? If I can live in a city I love, I’ll hustle as I know-how. 


Advent Questions About Traveling:

To what country and city did you travel the first time?

Okay, the first city outside where I live that I travel to was Baguio City (the city of pines) in the Philippines. As you know or not know, there are 7,640-ish islands in the Philippine archipelago. I was seven years old back then, and the trip was a bit vague by now. I can still recall some fond memories whenever I see the pictures from that trip. 

10 advent questions about traveling

What is your favorite season to travel? Pick one favorite trip for each season.

Summer is my favorite season! So, I love to travel when it’s summer somewhere else in the world and escape the winter where I live. The rest of the other seasons is my allergy season (smh). Sunny days are my happiest days! Plus, I get to travel light with no winter jackets and boots to carry.

10 advent questions about traveling

Are there places that you don’t want to visit?

War stricken countries. Sad to say, there’s so much beauty in the world, yet, there are countries that are impossible to visit because safety is my priority. 


Where did you have the worst travel experience?

I have not encountered my worst travel experience so far, but some experiences are a little uncomfortable. Venice is such a beautiful city, the city of masks, water, and bridges. It is a tight city that is built-in water and connected by so many bridges. How romantic that sight can be, right? While you see so many lovers walking around holding hands and kissing every time they cross a bridge! But there’s one thing I noticed there were so many rats that will cross the bridge along with you. EEEK! The sight still haunts me. But, despite that, it’s still a beautiful and romantic city nevertheless.

10 advent questions about traveling

travel to venice italy

And the best?

Prague amazed me in ways more than I could imagine. The city of 100 spires, adorned with baroque buildings and gothic churches. It is beautiful! I love places where almost everything is walkable. Just watch out for the drunk tourists because they’re everywhere! 

travel to prague

10 advent questions about traveling

travel to the city of 100 spires

What is your all-time dream destination?

The Caribbean islands. What an easy question! Where the sky meets the sea, a wonderful sight to see. A perfect summer getaway! One day, someday. I’ll hop those islands with a smile on my face. Because once an island girl will always be an island girl.

travel to the caribbean islands

Special thanks to Anngelic for the nomination; it was a fun post! The first of my many travel posts. And to wrap it up, which country or city would you love to visit the most or answer any of these 10 advent questions about traveling. Hit me up in the comments below because I’d love to know!  

P.S. Live, love, dream, travel! It’s a beautiful world and a beautiful life!


10 advent questions about traveling

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