7 realizations you need to accept and embrace

In life, we all have our moments of utmost realization, and everything changes around us all the time. And we can not dismiss the fact that life is more about the journey and less about the destination; why? Because there are moments in life when the simple things become seemingly evident, and we do not want to miss out on what life is truly about, so we stop and dwell on the moment of certainty. However, no matter how hard we try to make our lives stable and constant, change continues to lurk in the shadows. Life is a continuous flow and, these realizations will allow you to accept and embrace life as it comes. 

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” – Rumi

There are a million things that are worth loving in life, even in our highs and lows, for we can not revel in our soaring highs until we learn how to appreciate our lows. We need to accept life completely and realize all the challenges and uncertainties, embrace the chaos and turn it into a party! 

7 Realizations in life that you need to accept and embrace:

You are a work in progress

Be proud of it! The need to continue learning means that you have the chance to improve yourself and grow. So, do not be so hard on yourself because being a work in progress is such a wonderful thing.

You need to love yourself first. 

When you learn how to love yourself first, life becomes more satisfying, and only then can you create real change within you. And you will realize how fulfilling life can be because your happiness will not depend on anyone. Self-love is pure love that you can radiate to anyone around you.

realize that you need to love yourself first

Realizations in Life: You do not need someone to make you feel whole

 Do not seek something without looking into yourself for your own needs. You have to realize and recognize that only you know what is best for your life. You are a complete person; trust yourself, listen to your intuition, and believe in yourself. Do not fill in a void that was never there!

You choose the people you accept and allow in your life. 

Why? Because life is short, and you do not want to waste your time and energy with people who are not worth keeping. Choose people who will choose you right back, choose someone who will share the full array of chaotic colors life has to offer. 

You have to embrace the madness and insanity. 

Normal is boring, and always remember that you are unique even in your craziness. You have to set yourself free and do not mind what others think of you because only then can you find true happiness. Embrace your free-spirited soul and embrace it now.

realize that you need to embrace the madness in life

You have to learn how to forgive

Forgiveness is a very soothing and powerful gift you have to give yourself because forgiveness is something we do for ourselves than others. And you have to realize that the only way you can let go and move on is to forgive yourself first.

Realizations in Life: You are worthy

Know your worth and stand up for what you deserve and stop questioning yourself. Amazing things can happen when you finally realize your worth because you have so much potential, so do not squander it. Make positive changes and build yourself up!

Let these realizations change how you view the world or life itself. Life will never be perfect, and that is the beauty of it, and you have to learn how to ride the waves! And only with your difficulties can you truly transform into who you want to become, better, stronger, and more lust for life. 

Life is fleeting in one way or another. Savor every moment and live like it is your last!

P.S. Be grateful for another breath and realize the magnificent moment you have today! 


7 realizations you need to accept and embrace

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Mae Loureto
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26 thoughts on “7 Realizations You Need to Accept and Embrace

  1. I love these. I think my two favorites are recognizing that you’re a work in progress and that you control who you let into your life. Great stuff.

  2. Love these. I’ve found in my life that forgiveness is key. When you walk around holding grudges against people, it just weighs you down.

  3. The one about choosing the persons in your life is really important. So many people sucked up my energy and not giving anything in return. We must choose our friends wisely, and nurture the ones we love. All other steps are so true also… Never thought about it much. Thank you

  4. Choosing the people you allow into your life is the most important one to me. THe people in your life will influence you and the events that happen to you — you have to choose wisely. All of these are great!

  5. These are some of the most difficult aspects of life for some of us to learn to accept, but once you do, you feel so FREE. Self love and self-improvement is so important. And as you mentioned, we all need to remember that we are ever-changing and a work in progress. Thanks for sharing!

  6. These are very realistic and refreshing. Most tips are unbearably positive and that’s just not how life really works. Roll through the punches and keep your head up.

  7. I have found in life that there will be ups and downs, starts and stops, exciting and mundane. Learning to forgive other and accept yourself good bad and ugly goes a long way in making a happy and healthy life. Wonderful job summing it up!

  8. Thanks for a mid-week wakeup call to appreciate life! I think one of the last points in your post ‘You have to learn to forgive’ is very important. I have seen many people who dont forgive and forget and as life goes on, what remains inside them is negativity so we all need to learn to forgive as we all are a work in progress.

  9. We are all a work in progress! We will always improve and there will always be “changes” in our life. We should play along with it and be better.

  10. It was a nice post to go through….everything you say and resonate with my what I have seen and experienced. Especially one has to feel he/she is worth that gives gives loads of self confidence and forgiveness is one thing one must learn and not carry baggage along. Which can harm one…! thanks for such an inspirational write up !

  11. We are all a work of progress, and we need to learn to accept this. Also, everyone goes at their own pace so don’t worry if you think you’re not catching up.

  12. yes, yes, and more yes! I want to plaster the point that that you made about choosing what people to allow and accept into your life, pretty much everywhere! It is so important to not make space for toxic people! That is essential self-care! Blessings!

  13. I agree that life is more about the journey and less about the destination. Cos life is short. Only being here and now we are eternal.

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