How to Find your Inner Peace in Chaos

find your inner peace in chaos

Life can be truly hectic, and stressful, even chaotic if we don’t stop now to take a few minutes for ourselves. With the advancement of technology, our work and lives were supposed to get easier, but it has gotten busier than ever before. People are having a hard time managing themselves in these stressful times. You have to learn how to find your inner peace in this chaotic world because balance creates consistency.

Initially, technology would allow us to get the same amount of work done in half the time. That idea went out the window once we realized we could now get twice the chore (or more) wiped out an equivalent time. We tend to juggle things, and our mindsets are getting as much work in 24 hours.urs.

You can find peace amidst the storms that threaten you. Joseph B. Wirthlin

Now our world has become so fast-paced that it’s hard to keep up. If you do not stop the chaos, you’ll begin to feel as if your life is descending into a chaotic jumble. Luckily, there are ways to affect these overwhelming feelings and put some order back into your life.

Here are a few tips on how to find your inner peace in the midst of the chaos:

Stop and smell the roses

Take a break and give yourself a chance to take in everything going on around you. Even if your break may be a nice hot bath rather than a shower, it can help.

Find a touch time here and there to urge some peace while you reflect on the events of the day. Have a journal and reflect on your day. Visit a café and read books to escape from your chaotic schedule. Ditch your unending to-do lists and go somewhere relaxing, may it be a park, beach, the fields, or your designated happy place.


Meditation can bring out peace. It does not mean sitting uncomfortably and chanting like the monks in the movies. Instead, it is a very comfortable and soothing thanks to calm your mind and convey to you the serenity you desire. With minimal effort, anyone can meditate. Just find a quiet, dark room and shut your eyes. Focus on your breath and tune it to your senses. Have some aromatic spray or light a candle.

One meditation technique I learned from Rachel Kabel’s blog is to tune in to your senses. Notice five things you can see, then close your eyes. Notice four things you can hear, three things you can feel, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste. This technique has been effective for me and helped me settle into my meditation.

Picture yourself on a bridge holding chains, and at the end of these chains are your problems. You can throw your troubles into the sea and believe they will never bother you again. Once you have discarded your burdens, you will imagine how peaceful your life is often.

Find the positive

No matter how chaotic things get, you can always try to find something good and positive in your situation. As the saying says, there is always a bright side. The coin has two sides.

Actively look for the silver lining. It could be something as simple as your favorite song, coffee, the smile of another person, or flowers that give you some inner peace. Look for this stuff, and you will find them. Find positive things, even small ones, in your routine and add them with gratitude.

Find Your Inner Peace: Switch off to your happy place

In Candi Williams’s book, how to be Perfectly Imperfect, she teaches that when things get overwhelming and chaotic, switch off immediately and find your happy place. Think of a place where you feel truly content – somewhere you can feel relaxed and feel at ease. Leave your phones behind, have a read, listen to your favorite music, treat yourself a latte and do something that makes you feel good. Enjoy a “ME” time. 

My happy place is either my living room, reading inspirational books, or visiting a café alone and contemplate. I do journal too, and it helps me process my thoughts. What would your happy place look like?

switch off to your happy place to find peace within

Slow down and quit multi-tasking

While we have to multitask almost constantly lately, doing so tends to wear us down even faster. Multitasking adds to the chaos around us.

Take one thing at a time and permit yourself to specialize in that task alone. While you will be ready to handle three or more things directly, the standard is not nearly as good as if you focused on them one at a time.

In the words of Tim Ferris, Focus on being productive instead of busy. In his book, the Four-Hour-Work, he emphasized the irrelevance of multitasking in productivity. Most people would think that if they multitask, they will get more things done. But we have to believe the experts when I say, slow down and quit multitasking. You will find peace when you focus on one task and one problem at a time.

Don’t let anyone drag you down

Do not ignore everyone, but do not let yourself get caught up with everyone else baggage and their issues, either. Remove your personal chaos causers, albeit one among the causes is people. 

Have you scrolled on social media only to feel bad about yourself and your life? Unfollow people on Facebook or Instagram. Instead, find a community that supports your inner peace. Be with people that support your goals and lift your positive energy. We can eliminate chaos by choosing the right people in our inner circles.

Find Your Inner Peace: Take out the drama

Eliminate the drama in your life, especially other people’s drama. It is not your concern, so stay out of it and do not get caught up in it.

Focus on solving your concerns positively instead of enjoying pity parties. This will reduce the drama and switch your focus to something positive. Everyone has some chaos in their life, and it is not always a bad thing. Stress can be productive as well. In fact, without stress and responsibilities, some people would never get out of bed!

Life will always have stress and problems, but how you react to them can dictate the extent of chaos in your life.


The first step is realizing that you simply got to take a while for yourself. If you do not, nothing you are doing will make that much of a difference. You cannot be there for everyone else if you are not taking care of yourself. So, start with yourself and find your inner peace. Use these tips every day to bring order back to your life, and soon you will find peace no matter how bad the chaos is around you.

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how to find your inner peace in chaos

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