7 Steps In Building a Unique and Memorable Business Brand

building a unique and memorable brand

Building a unique and memorable business brand is significant for the ongoing success of your business. Why? By creating a unique and memorable brand around your business, your customers will know what to expect from your company. Building a brand will distinguish you from your competitors and show customers what your business can offer that they can’t find anywhere else. Your brand will also make your business relatable and relevant to your target audience, giving them another reason to choose you over your competitors. 


Scott Bedbury, CEO of Brandstream

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Enroll in a Business Course

If you’re new to entrepreneurship and the business world, consider going back to school and earning a bachelor’s degree in business. During your time in business school, you’ll learn valuable business concepts and skills related to marketing, branding, communications, accounting, management, and more. Consider enrolling in a school that offers online courses so you can continue working on your business while learning on the side. And if you’re looking for online bachelor’s business degree programs, this is an excellent direction!

Identify Your Target Market

Your business brand must align with your target market. What does this mean? Essentially, you want your branding to fit your customer’s expectations. Research your target market to identify how your ideal customers behave and make buying decisions. Define why your specific customers should buy from your brand and what makes you a better fit than your competitors. As Oberlo explains, it’s crucial to understand why customers choose your products and use this information to direct the creation of your brand. Avoid making assumptions.

Identify Key Benefits Offered by Your Brand

What unique benefits do you offer to your customers? Are your products affordable? Does your business fill an otherwise unmet need? Have you solved a specific problem facing your target audience? Identify exactly what it is that makes your business unique and try to work this into your brand identity. This is known as your unique value proposition. Write a value proposition that clearly explains the unique benefits provided by your business to your customers.

how to build a business brand

Create a Consistent Brand Voice

Maintaining consistency in your branding is essential for creating authenticity and instilling confidence in your business. According to, businesses can see a 33% revenue increase after improving consistency in their brand voice. Start by defining your brand voice. This refers to the language and tone you use when communicating with customers, whether in your marketing materials, social media, or in-support emails. 

Make sure your brand voice fits your overall business mission, values, and target audience. Once you’ve defined your brand voice, create a style guide to be used by all employees who communicate with customers or write copy for your brand.

Build Your Brand on Social Media

Social media is an excellent medium for building your brand and spreading awareness. Again, this is where it’s vital to achieve consistency. Your brand should have the same personality regardless of where you’re posting or what you’re saying. If your brand voice is playful and casual, posting custom memes could be a great way to engage with your followers. Use online meme generator tools to create unique, relevant content to post on social media. Just choose a meme template, drag and drop your image, and add your own text!

Track and Measure Brand Awareness

Measuring the success of your branding is important for ensuring you’re on the right track. One way to do this is to track brand awareness. Brand awareness refers to the extent to which people are familiar with your brand, including what products you offer and what they do. Social listening is a great way to track brand awareness. Set up social media management tools that track how frequently people mention your brand on social media. 

You can also set up keyword tracking through Google Analytics to see how search traffic changes as you implement your brand strategy. You can also use analytics to determine your lead conversion rate. In other words, you will learn how often people who visit your website and social media resources become actual customers.

Use Your Brand Strategically

Branding not only makes a memorable impression on your customers but also ensures your customers know what to expect from your business. Build an effective brand strategy by identifying your target audience, defining your brand voice, and sharing your message on social media. You may even want to build your branding skills by going back to school and earning a business degree!


Steve Forbes, Editor in Chief of Forbes Magazine

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7 Steps for Building a Unique and Memorable Business Brand

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