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    Daily Positive Affirmations for Peaceful Sleep

    Can you imagine trying to fall asleep at night, yet you end up staring at the ceiling, twisting, tossing, and turning, and sleep has abandoned you completely? Yes, I know the feeling! There are various reasons why we cannot fall asleep at night; stress, worries, pain, and so much more. However, these daily positive affirmations for peaceful sleep will guide you into a tranquil and serene state of mind. “Sleep is the best meditation.” — Dalai Lama When I have chronic flares, I usually stay awake at night, hoping and…

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    Things To Look For Before You Buy Hand Sanitizer Online

    Hand sanitizers had always been in use, but it is only recently that we have seen a growing demand and importance of hand sanitizers for frequent use. One of the reasons for this is the Covid-19 attack, which has taught the world to focus more on cleanliness and personal hygiene. While using soap is the best way to get rid of the infection, there are times when you do not have access to soap and water every time, and hence you can use instant hand sanitizer to help you to…

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    Lifestyle Changes for a Happier You

    So you want a happier life, sure! Many lifestyle changes can help and guide you to be happier and healthier. And it is so true that happiness is the catalyst of life. However, if you want lasting lifestyle changes, there are various ways or paths to get there. I mean, it is not just merely physical health, but also mental and emotional health. We all need that! “You will never know yourself completely. You are life. You are ever-changing. And that is fine. Just keep going.” – Maxime Lagacé. Making…

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    7 Reasons Why You Are Amazing

    We can have the worst days of our lives, and through difficulties and hardships, we somehow float to the top and find direction. And although there are times when we start focusing on what we lack and forget we have overcome so much in life, the sacrifices and struggles to keep going. However, if you look deeper, you have overcome darkness and fear, and you have to recognize it and celebrate it and start appreciating who you are. Because you are unique, and there are so many reasons why you…

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    An Ode to Love: Inspiring Love Quotes

    Love is only a four-letter word that can mean so much. Love can be sweet, hurtful, frightening, complicated, but it can also be pure. It is a mix of emotions, behaviors, actions, and feelings that draws in trust, warmth, passion, intimacy, respect, and affection towards another person. We give and receive love to so many different people in different ways because love is not just a feeling but is also a decision. And truth be told, we all need love; it is essential in our lives, and it is the…

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    The Best Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

    It is not just about Valentine’s day anymore, not about the guy who stole your heart and swept you off your feet. Galentine’s day is about women celebrating women! It is an extraordinary holiday where you spend your time with your besties, soul sisters, or any marvelous ladies you have in your life. Every year on the 13th of February, we celebrate Galentine’s day, to acknowledge all our female friendships and relationships because it is the greatest treasure in the world. And while we look forward to celebrating it with…

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    How to Create an Epic Fresh Start

    As the new year grace us with its presence, it comes with a feeling of hope while we sit and reminisce the year that was, counting all our blessings and looking forward to new and renewed opportunities. However, as we look back on our life, there are things we wish we could have done differently, hurtful experiences, old (bad) habits, and awful memories that we need to let go of and be able to affirm that in every ending comes new beginnings. Starting over is a commitment that we need…