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    Journal Your Way Through Gratitude to Happiness

    Gratitude is the most extraordinary tool that can transform your life, boost your happiness, love, and prosperity. Gratitude is a compelling emotion that can lead to a more peaceful and content life. Journal your way through gratitude to happiness is a way to profess love to yourself because there’s no better gratification than having the peace you always wanted deep within. “It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude. It’s gratitude that brings us happiness.” – Anonymous There are numerous benefits that you can take in when you start to practice a…

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    How to Master Happiness in 15 Simple Ways

    There’s no perfection in mastering the art of happiness. It is learning from our daily life that we get in tune with what matters and what doesn’t. Are you tired of the mundane? Is it draining your energy to its last bit? Then, it is time for a little change. Something we can teach ourselves to be a little happier every day by learning how to master happiness in these simple ways. 15 Simple ways to master happiness every day: Be Grateful A grateful heart awakens the soul and lets…

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    Why You Need to Imagine Sunsets Right Now

    I have never seen a sunset I didn’t love. It is like a bond to my inner soul. A deep feeling of serenity and calm, my peace with-in, a love unspoken. It is so warm, so magical, a sense of belonging to the here and now. And why do you need to imagine sunsets right now? Hope. Hope for the future. If I could, I would. I’ll be that girl forever chasing sunsets. But there are times that I can’t. Circumstances, for instance, won’t allow me. At least for now!  When…