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    5 Simple Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition

    Intuition is a beautiful thing; it’s a knowingness that something needs attention or believing that something is off. Every person has intuition, but most fail to listen when it is saying something gently within. We always look outside of ourselves for answers when we have a serious decision to make, our family, friends, or whomever we are comfortable asking guidance with, yet we often ignore to seek the voice within; our intuition. Learning how to tap into your intuition is living your most authentic self. “Think for yourself. Trust your own intuition.…

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    How to Raise Your Positive Vibrations 4 Ways

    Awareness of your vibrations and their levels will help raise your positive vibration level and can help manifest your positivity, light, happiness, and love with everyone around you.  Have you ever tried when someone walks into a room, and you suddenly feel eerie? You know you need to keep your distance while there are people that draw you closer to them. How to raise your positive vibrations 4 ways will help you stay on your positive side, allowing you to stay in harmony with your emotions and thoughts. I am not…