• important lessons you can learn from failure

    Important Lessons You Can Learn From Failure

    Life has a funny way of throwing us curveballs. Sometimes, we don’t even see them coming. Other times, they’re lurking in the shadows waiting for you to turn your head before slamming into you like an oncoming train. It is something that everyone can experience at some point, and there are important lessons you can learn from failure. Regardless of how it happens, failure is inevitable. Let failure widen your perspective because when we fail, we learn. Success is not final, and failure is not fatal. It is the courage…

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    38 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 38 years

    I still can’t believe I’m 38 today. I made it to 38! Though I don’t count the years, so I say. But the experiences and life lessons it has taught me. What makes it different this time? Well, this is my first birthday under lockdown. Cheers, Corona! I mean the other Corona (wink).  My birthday has never really been a big deal since I celebrate life every waking day. I am always grateful the moment I open my eyes in the morning. But since becoming a mom, I celebrate my birthday…