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    Reasons Why You Should Get Dressed Every Day (WFH)

    Working from home in pajamas sounds fun, like a dream come true, but how does that affect our productivity? Now that working from home is the new normal, that only means that many people are starting to establish a working from home routine. There are reasons why you should get dressed every day (WFH) even if you are working from home. Let’s face it when working from home is now part of our daily routine, a concept that we never thought possible. We became excited, the idea of spending our…

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    7 Things No One Told You About Working From Home

    Let’s face it, work from home or at the office, it is the same. Work is work! Isn’t that right? Especially now, in times like these for sure, most of us are working from home amidst this pandemic. But, what are the 7 things no one told you about working from home? For sure you can well imagine the advantages of being able to work from the comfort of your own home, that is without a doubt. The downside? Well, it can get boring real quick!  Somehow, it doesn’t affect me…