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How to Surrender, Let Go, and Trust

how to surrender, let go, and trust

The secret to success is when we learn how to surrender, let go, and trust that we have to release our tight grip from our need to control everything in our life. Almost all of us find it hard to trust, and we usually flinch during a sudden change in events or when hurtful adversities in life arise. We do tend to tame or control our lives in cases like these because change is a difficult pill to swallow. However, our resistance to change, our inability to let go of things will only add to our hurt, our pain. 

“The moment of surrender is not when life is over, but it’s when it begins.” – Marianne Williamson

Life will be so much easier if we learn to let go and stop resisting what is, but our ego wants to feel the sense of control, and the grasp of things. Then, change becomes non-existent! But the hard truth remains, change is the only constant thing in life. We need to adapt to the changing world, and we need to change for the betterment of ourselves, life is too short to dwell on what was and what-ifs, but we have today to live. So, live not just to exist but live because you deserve this life and fought so hard for it.

let go and live

And just like any habit that you are incorporating in your life, your ability to surrender becomes effortless and simple when you start with small, tiny steps. And of course, it takes a lot of practice and patience but, it can be very liberating, freeing yourself from the self turmoil you are suffering and, lifting that weight off your shoulder, is the freedom you truly deserve. 

So, learn to live a little, or should I say learn to live a lot more.

Here is how to surrender, let go, and trust:

Accept change

Change is scary, but never let fear rule you. Embrace the unknown even if it is difficult because you can cultivate acceptance when you are facing uncommon or unexpected situations. It is a significant facet of learning how to surrender. 

Never get stuck in the what-ifs of life but instead on what is. So, it is your choice to either see uncertainties as adversities or to try to make a way around it. 

accept change

How to Let go, and trust: Loosen your grip

Sometimes, you have to learn to let go of that tight grip or to whatever you are holding on so tightly. Try to give it up, surrender, and let it go and allow the stream to carry you forward. Ask for help from whomever you are comfortable with, God, the universe, family, or friends because you are not alone. 

Life will continue to cascade how it will. Things may not be how you expect it to be, but that is the beauty of this journey and do not live in the illusion of control. 

loosen your grip and trust the process

Take life as it comes

We often like to prepare for things, but the truth is, we can never be entirely ready for whatever that happens to us. We sometimes obsess about the future, and knowing too much kills spontaneity

There will always be mishaps along the way, therefore allow yourself to stay in the present moment by responding as the circumstances arise. Because when you take life as it comes and when you live one day at a time, you can experience more peace, joy, and rest.

take life as it comes

Learn to trust yourself

Your instincts are strong and forceful, do not doubt it based on your experiences, good or bad. Build consciousness of yourself as a person having an encounter, your innermost thoughts, you are the complete experience

Be mindful of your instincts, trust your judgment, and your ability to make positive decisions. Trust yourself today, tomorrow, every day, and always.

learn to trust yourself

Letting go does not come easily for us, and when we go through some extensive change, our survival instincts kicks in, either in a fight or freeze form. So, hold yourself gently, and be kind to yourself as you deal with change, thus, learning how to surrender, let go, and trust. 

how to surrender, let go, and trust

Let it be a slow and steady process, one day at a time. Consider surrendering as a path to achieving the life you want and deserve. Think of letting go as a chance to stand back and examine the situations in your life with better clarity. Allow yourself to trust in YOU, and let go of doubt and fear, thus, making you feel alive, the pathway to all things beautiful. 

P.S. Free yourself, surrender, let go, and trust, and you will find true peace and happiness.

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