5 Evening Routine to Finish Your Day Right

evening routine

Creating an evening routine will help you sleep better, catch up on how your day was, and to relish slow moments before hitting the sack. We all know that self-care is the best care we can give ourselves, and neglecting ourselves will result in a complete disaster.

“Night is the wonderful opportunity to take rest, to forgive, to smile, to get ready for all the battles that you have to fight tomorrow.” – Allen Ginsberg

An evening routine is a simple habit we can implement daily, allowing you to have the calm evening you deserve, finishing off the day right, and sleep calmly at night. Do not let the mental overdrive slow you down and lost focus on what matters most, you.

Evening routines can have an immense impact on a successful morning. So, getting that quality sleep regardless of what is happening in the world will give you the relaxation you need. 

Here are 5 evening routine tips to help you finish your day right:

Cut off caffeine early

I know I need caffeine injected into my eyeballs in the morning, but caffeine and sleep are not the best buddies I know. So, try cutting it off 6 hours before bedtime if you have trouble sleeping at night. You can try caffeine-free beverages and not have to suffer the ramification later.

Take a cold/cool shower before bedtime

Taking a cold or cool shower 60 minutes before bedtime can help you get a restful sleep. Why? Because it frees the mind, beats chronic fatigue, and so much more. It will also help lower your core temperature and relaxes you.

Evening Routine: Put on calming and relaxing music

Listening to soothing music before bedtime can help produce hormones that will help improve your mood. Music has a powerful effect on the body and mind making you feel at peace and calmer. And when you are in a relaxed state, body, and mind, you will drift easier to sleep.

listening to soothing music at night

Evening Routine: Night journaling

With all the chaos we go through during our day, night journaling can help you empty your mind onto paper and help you settle and be at ease. Never carry your worries to sleep, instead write them down to boost your mental well-being, and allow it to create a space to express yourself. 

Journal Prompts for better sleep: 

  1. What will keep me up at night? 
  2. What mindset will you have tomorrow?
  3. What do I want in my dreams tonight?
  4. 5 things that I am grateful for.
  5. What do I need to forgive and let go of? 
  6. Did I learn anything new today?
  7. What made me happy today?

Evening Routine: Read a book

Reading is one of my favorite evening routines that help me unwind and escape the stressors of the day. Getting lost in a good book never gets old!

reading a book before going to sleep

It is always a good idea to have an evening routine that works best for you, and what matters is that your actions should always be intentional. Remember, an evening routine allows you the time and space to decompress after a long tiring day, and quality sleep is essential to function the next day. 

P.S. Do not beat yourself up, and have the wind down you deserve for a smooth sailing morning!


5 Evening routine to finish your day right

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