How to Raise Your Positive Vibrations 4 Ways

how to raise your positive vibrations 4 ways

Awareness of your vibrations and their levels will help raise your positive vibration level and can help manifest your positivity, light, happiness, and love with everyone around you.  Have you ever tried when someone walks into a room, and you suddenly feel eerie? You know you need to keep your distance while there are people that draw you closer to them. How to raise your positive vibrations 4 ways will help you stay on your positive side, allowing you to stay in harmony with your emotions and thoughts.

I am not an expert when it comes to a thorough explanation of vibration and the law of attraction. It’s an intuitive feeling which makes you connect with your small inner voice rather than the screaming outer voice. Stay afloat and tune in to your higher emotions of compassion and empathy. Connect and believe in your intuition!

Yes, vibes!

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. – Willie Nelson

The law of attraction. Whatever you offer out into the world will return back to you (good or bad). You are responsible for the life you make and can manifest change in how you direct your thoughts and emotions. So, use your thoughts wisely. 

If you are feeling stuck, bored, and uninspired, chances are your vibrations are low. When you feel happier, lighter, peaceful, and satisfied with your life, you are vibrating at a higher level. 

The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about, read about, and talk about intensely, you’re going to attract more of into your life. – Jack Canfield

Let’s learn how to raise your positive vibrations in 4 ways:

  1. Thank Your Lucky Stars Every Day

Being grateful is one of the quickest ways to raise your vibration. Make a list of the many things you are thankful for rather than what you don’t have. When your day gets more into fear and anger, shift your focus, and make gratitude a habit. Gratitude will change your outlook in life and will help you appreciate the little things. 

gratefulness can raise your vibrations positively

Gratitude brings your whole mind into closer harmony with the creative energies of the universe. – Wallace Wattles

2. Manifest Love

Love is one of the highest forms of vibration you can have. Your vibration will soon soar the moment you welcome love in your heart. Love has the power to lift you from your limitations. Love can pull you out of your deepest gully. Love heals. Let love be the fuel of your passion and do great things. Then you will feel growth, happiness, and peace within you, vibrate higher in love.

manifest love

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. – Confucius

3. Fuel Your Body Right

By eating nutrient-dense, fresh, colorful, and vibrant food, your body will absorb all these things and will supercharge your frequency. Local or organic fruits and vegetables are your best options. You will feel alive, full of life, and in tune with everyone around you. High-vibration food makes a person’s vibration higher and makes you glow. So, fuel your body right by eating nutritious food.

fuel your body right

Let medicine be thy food and food thy medicine / Nature itself is the best physician. – Hippocrates

4. Surround yourself with beauty

Create positive, beautiful, calming energy in your home. Everything in your home needs to reflect beauty, warmth, and excitement. Use colors, lighting, and meaningful items that will inspire you. Create a harmonious home and reduce clutter. Your environment has a big impact on how you feel on the inside.

surround yourself with beauty

Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all. – Nathan W. Morris

So, learn how to observe your thoughts, instead of simply attaching emotions to them, and learn to let them go. Sure, there are things in life we can’t control. It’s part of life! But always stay in check with your energy, do not dwell on things you can’t control. The choices you make, your thoughts, your attitude, and your intentions are all part of your energy. 

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. – Mahatma Gandhi

Release yourself of all the stories you’ve been telling yourself and let go of the victim role. Be aware of your environment, who you listen to, what you eat, and all the little things that matter. Raise your vibration to live a life with more joy, clarity, peace, serenity, health, and loving life.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. – Albert Einstein

Allow yourself to flow in a state where you feel your best! 

How do you raise your vibration? Do something that gives you joy, always. ❤️


how to raise your positive vibration 4 ways

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